A keynote speaker for The 5th IEEE international Conference on Smart Internet of Things

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Title: IoT for Smart and Connected Health

Smart and Connected Health (SCH) is the use of Internet, sensing, communications and intelligent techniques in support of healthcare applications. Internet of Things (IoT) systems such as Wireless body area network (WBAN) system with various types of biomedical sensors is one of key infrastructures of SCH and provide an opportunity to address issues in rapidly increasing mHealth/eHealth applications. However, there are significant challenges in this area, such as improving the performance of WBANs, analytics of large and continuous physiological data collected from biomedical sensors and predictive modeling, and securing data transmission and protecting data privacy, especially in mobile and wireless environments. In this talk, I will present the research trends, challenges and potential IoT solutions in the related areas including the introduction of two case studies: (1) developing a wearable biosensor system for the remote detection of life threatening events in infants; (2) a security system to support reliable and secured data transmissions over WBANs.

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